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Protecting Your Property: When Should Landlords Process Evictions in Omaha, NE?

Protecting Your Property: When Should Landlords Process Evictions in Omaha, NE?

2022 saw over 4,000 eviction filings in Omaha alone.

If you're an Omaha property owner, giving your tenant an eviction notice probably sounds like a nightmare. When a tenant is putting your investment at risk, however, you need to take action.

It can be difficult to know when the time is right to go through with evictions, so we're here to help. Today, we'll tell you when to recognize the signs that you should evict a tenant and how to go through with it. Keep reading and you'll be able to protect your property and make your life as a landlord easier.

Signs You Should Evict a Tenant

In Nebraska, there are a few reasons why you might evict a tenant. One is nonpayment of rent, while the rest fall under the category of lease violations.

It's easy to tell when a tenant is missing rent payments, but it can be a bit tricky to figure out when nonpayment of rent has gone too far. If you have a tenant who is routinely late with rent payments, it's your job to remind them that rent is overdue and the consequences associated with failing to pay.

With lease violations, it really depends on how your lease agreement is written. A lot of lease violations can be dealt with using a security deposit, which is a sum of money collected at the beginning of a tenancy. If your tenant's lease violations cost you money, you can reimburse yourself using the security deposit.

That said, when a tenant is going overboard with lease violations, eviction may be the only course of action. Next, we'll tell you how to carry out a successful eviction.

How to Deal with Evictions

The most important thing when dealing with evictions is to understand Nebraska eviction laws. Under no circumstances should you attempt a self-help eviction, which involves trying to remove a tenant without following due process.

You already know the reasons to evict a tenant, but Nebraska has a specific set of actions you need to take in filing one. Always start by issuing an official eviction notice to your tenant. Different notices are given for different eviction reasons.

For example, nonpayment of rent requires you to give a 7-day notice to pay or quit. This gives the tenant 7 days to pay rent or leave the premises. When they fail to do so, you can file the official eviction with your local court.

Lease violations are served with a 30-day notice to comply, which gives the tenant 14 days to fix the issue. If they fail to do so, they have a month to remove themselves from the property before you file the eviction. Any illegal activity in your rental is served with an unconditional 5-day notice to quit.

Getting Eviction Help in Omaha

Dealing with evictions can be tricky, but if you follow what we've laid out here, you should be successful. Even when you do everything correctly, evictions are stressful. If you're having trouble with one of your tenants, it might be time to hire property management.

At Aksarben Property Management, we're one of Omaha's top property management firms. We can help you deal with your evictions, as well as a variety of other landlord tasks. Contact us today to learn more.