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Screening Criteria

Download Screening Criteria and Disclosure

The topic of tenant screening is really important because it’s where the rubber meets the road in a lot of instances. When a person applies, it is our job to find out everything we can about that resident. We look at employment histories, income, the rental history and landlord references, credit scores and other background verification. All of these are huge factors that help us decide whether we're able to rent to a specific applicant. It also gives us the information we need if we decide to work with an applicant that will need to pay more in a deposit. If we decide to completely reject an applicant, it’s because of what gets revealed in the screening process.


Our process is not first come/first serve like some other property management companies. We like to look at all the applications that come in and spend some time reviewing them and screening them so we can pick out the all star in the group and ensure we get the best available resident. When we find that high quality resident, we make sure the property owner agrees with us. This is the key to property management. Getting your home rented might start with advertising and marketing, but the screening process is where we find the best person or people to put in your property. We always welcome our owners to be as involved in the process as they want to be. It comes from our commitment to excellent communication.